Your Directors

Erica Dorsey


Hello. My name is Erica Dorsey. I am the owner of this wonderful center and actively participate in the day-to-day operations of our classrooms. I am a compassionate and imaginative mother of three great children. I am dedicated to safety and learning and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to assist in shaping young children into healthy and happy people. I am organized, detailed and patient. I am focused on early speech and good behavior. I believe these two skills are critical for academic and social success. I am sensitive to each child's individual needs and strive to provide security and opportunity for children to thrive. I have two children with disabilities which have allowed me to obtain many hours of observation with speech, occupational and physical therapy. As a former nationally certified EMT and volunteer for the local rescue squad, I am well-equipped to manage almost any emergency situation. Safety is always my number one priority! I ensure your children are cared for the way I care for my own. I will serve nutritious meals, provide a cozy spot for naps and always support our team of teachers so they can offer a HUGE variety of fun activities to make every day a growing and learning adventure! 

Reina Yeargain


Hello. My name is Reina Yeargain and I am the Program Director here at Tots N Toyland. I am a graduate of Virginia Tech and I'm currently working on my masters at Mary Baldwin in education. I  hold a CDA credential in Early Childhood Development and have a passion for teaching. I've had the privilege of working with children in a variety of settings including our public schools as well as the private sector. I will use my areas of strength, including reading with children and lesson planning, crafting and creating new games to ensure our teachers are able to prepare our children for the exciting challenges that await them in Kindergarten. I supervise their work and review their lesson plans which include colors, shapes, numbers, letters and their sounds, as well as social integration and interaction with peers. I offer support to our staff while they teach sharing, turn-taking and patience. I am a consistent, caring, and energetic person and find these qualities to be particularly useful when caring for and working with children. I look forward to meeting you and your child as we work together to ensure your child's developmental and creative needs are met here everyday!

Callie Dean


Hello. My name is Callie Dean and I am the Assistant Director for our lovely center. I co-founded Tots back in 2014 with my sister Erica, and have made it my commitment to offer the finest preschool environment possible. I have two young boys who attend here and have been working in childcare for over 10 years. You can often find me in one of our classrooms coaching, supervising and working alongside our fabulous teachers. My experience is focused on safe environments for young infants, emergency management, and best practices. I advocate for parent/teacher interactions and facilitate open communication in all my work. I lead by example and service to others is my style. I am detailed oriented, motivated and organized and cleanliness is a core trait found in my footpath. I want your children to feel safe and loved here at Tots N Toyland and receive every resource available to us. Nutrition and fair behavioral guidance is one of many additional areas of expertise I offer. I will always wear a smile and be approachable for you. Even when things get tough, I am the loving and caring support system you and your children can count on!