Behavior and Discipline

Our goal is ensure that your child is maximizing their developmental potential in a safe and secure environment. In order to do so, we have implemented the following discipline policy. The following behaviors defined below will be handled with a three-step process.

Unacceptable behaviors may include, but are not limited to...

Inappropriate physical contact (another child or care provider)

Foul language






Failure to follow directions

Damage to toys or property



1) We strongly encourage Positive Redirection and self-discipline by leading by example. Our ultimate goal is to provide your child with the necessary skills in order for them  to control their own behaviors and cooperate with others. 

2) Remove the child from the situation and Calmly Speak with them about their behavior. 

3) If the initial removal, redirection and conversation are ineffective, a "Time Out" will be given. The number of minutes in "Time Out" will correspond with their age in years. 3 years = 3 minutes.

At no time and under no circumstance will physical discipline be used

This discipline policy will be followed consistently in every event excluding dangerous situations that require immediate action. We will not tolerate biting, hitting, or any other dangerous actions.

*A special note regarding biting - Biting is one of the most dreaded behaviors we experience with small children. Our approach to this behavior revolves around determining the function of the biting. It could stem from frustration or aggression and happen due to a lack of skills to resolve a problem. It could be attention seeking behavior. It can also be as simple as a teething response. Placing yourself next to the child who is biting and waiting to observe the antecedent is the best way to determine an intervention. We will protect the children in care from this behavior and will diligently work with any child using this behavior in order to give them the necessary skills or materials to meet their needs.