Drop Off and Pick Up

Please limit your drop off and pick up time as we will probably have multiple families picking up/dropping off at the same time. We want to ensure everyone's safety and keep our eyes on the children. If you have something you would like to discuss about your child, please let us know in advance so we may schedule a proper time to focus our undivided attention on your needs.

Arrival/Departure will take place solely from the central entrance door. Children are to be accompanied by an adult inside the building where they will be greeted by a director and opening staff members. Multiple staff members will be on site to sign children in and out via a child application located on the entry/exit tablet. Parents will be required to manually sign their name inside the application screen to check children in and out. Children will then be escorted to their classrooms by either the opening staff members or their family member. Children must be accompanied at all times until they reach their classroom. Drop off and pickup times are not an opportunity for parent/teacher communication lasting more than a few minutes. Vehicles must be properly parked in the spaces provided out front and the engines powered off. 

Separation Anxiety is very common in children at this stage and we understand your desire to ease this discomfort for your little one. We find the best method is a noticeable "Good Bye" and a quick exit. Be assured that we recognize this as a scary time for your child and we will be right there to comfort them when you go. 

Don't be late! Don't be early! A $5 per five minute fee will be assessed for late pick ups. If a child is left waiting for 20 minutes beyond closing and neither parents or emergency contacts can be reached, child protective services will be contacted to step in as a temporary guardian for that child. If you find yourself here early, you may be left waiting at the door. We expect our staff to arrive at the center at least 5 minutes before we open, but the door will remain locked until 7:00am sharp. No early admittance is allowed. 

Transportation will not be provided to or from the center. We will have a designated staff member outside the building in order to supervise and escort inside our after school-aged children who are being dropped off by the public school bus from our local school district.

Custodial Parent’s Right to be Admitted to the Center A custodial parent has the right to enter the building at anytime their child is in care. They are to be granted immediate access to the center if their child is present, unless their behavior is deemed to be a danger to children or staff. A noncustodial parent will also be granted access to the center unless a court order states otherwise.