Illness and Disease

Being sick is no fun! We do our best to stay healthy and keep your little one healthy too. We have developed the following policy to prevent illness and care for your child while they are in our care.

If your child has any signs of infection, they will not be able to come to preschool until their symptoms have cleared for 24 hours. 

Signs and symptoms of infection are as follows:





Loss of Appetite

Pink Eye


Cough-productive or nonproductive

Muscle Aches/Pains 


If your child becomes sick during the day, we will comfort them in our office, offer them fluids and call you to have them picked up as soon as possible. 

Medications will not be administered at our center unless necessary for life threatening conditions such as asthma or anaphylaxis. The following medications are administered: EpiPen, Inhalers and Nebulizer treatments and Insulin.

Sunscreen/Diaper Ointment/Insect Repellent Sunscreen, diaper ointment and insect repellent is to be supplied by the family of the enrolled child. The product must be over-the-counter, properly labeled with the child’s full name and not be expired. Staff are to apply these products as needed, using the manufacturer suggested application guidelines and in compliance with state-mandated application procedures. A written authorization form must be signed annually by the child’s guardian.

Cold sores or Warts must be dried up and healed over before your child is clear to return to daycare. This is a communicable virus that is easily spread through saliva and skin contact.

Head Lice evidenced by adult bodies or eggs will be considered an active infestation and will need to be treated and removed before your child can return to care. We're always on the lookout. We will handle this promptly if the situation arises.

Molluscum Contagiosum is a highly contagious wart virus that afflicts the skin of children in the form of warts/lesions for up to 4 years. It is passed through skin-to-skin contact. While it is generally a benign condition, it can be devestating to an immunocompromised individual. Children are not permitted to be in care until the lesions from this virus have healed.

Pinworms are a parasite found in the digestive tract of an infected individual. They are worms that are easily remedied with medication and a strict handwashing regiment. Children are not permitted to be in care until 24 hours after medication has been adminsitered.

Injury or Emergency is never something you want to hear when it comes to your child. Rest assured that we are trained and prepared to handle these situations. There is always trained staff on-site when children are in care however; we believe in prevention as the primary strategy to avoid illness and injury. Tots N Toyland has developed an Emergency plan. It is included in this welcome packet and is available to be reviewed upon request at the center and online at 

*A special note regarding illnesses that pose a significant risk such as Influenza, Measles, Chicken Pox, Rotovirus, Hepatitis, Whooping Cough, RSV, Meningitis, etc. We need to know if you, a member of your family, and especially any enrolled child has come in contact or potentially been exposed to anyone with or suspected to have these serious illnesses. We are able to put protective measures in place in time to prevent the spread of these illnesses before they have a chance to infect others. Failure to report this information will result in immediate termination from care.