This should be the home page in our opinion. There is nothing more important than the health and safety of your child. Safety is our number one priority and there will be no measure spared to ensure this. Tots 'N Toyland has implemented the following:

Hand washing is our best defense against illness. We will wash our hands and your child's hands regularly throughout the day with warm soapy water for the length of time it takes us to sing the ABC's twice. Before meals, after diapering, and after touching ooey-gooey paint!

Immunization records must be provided before the start of services and your child must be up-to-date on their vaccinations or we will need a medical or religious exemption.

Shoes are not permitted past the entrance of our center. This includes children and parents. There is a special cubby available for shoe storage and it is easily accessible. Please walk on the smooth surface floor and DO NOT wear your shoes on the carpets where little children crawl and play.

Proper cooking and handling of food will always be followed. We will never serve your child food that is expired or under cooked. All food will be properly handled and all surfaces will be regularly sanitized.

Sanitation of surfaces and toys is also a daily, if not multiple times per day event here at Tots 'N Toyland. Just like our food, the cleaning products will be natural and environmentally friendly. .

Diapering for girls is front-to-back. This is a small detail with big consequences. We also encourage independence in the bathroom, but we will assist children who need help getting clean.

Child-Proofing methods such as outlet covers, trip hazards, choke hazards, mini blind cords, door knob covers, gates, drawer locks, etc. are in place and checked often.

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse Staff are to receive a minimum of 2 hours of annual training on recognizing and reporting suspected abuse or neglect of children. If any employee suspects abuse or neglect, they are to immediately report to the director on duty and to Erica Dorsey. Erica Dorsey will be solely responsible for reporting suspected abuse to local authorities including police, DSS, and CPS. If Erica Dorsey is unable to perform this duty, it is the responsibility of the other directors to report to local authorities. Abuse will absolutely never be tolerated and reported immediately. We have a closed circuit 16 channel audio and visual camera surveillance system that records 24 hours per day. We will use this to ensure no child is ever mistreated in our center. Additionally, center staff are mandated reporters and are regularly trained to recognize and report suspected abuse or neglect.

Lead and Asbestos Our center is located inside a building built after the ban of lead-based paint and asbestos so that is not a concern. There are no poisonous plants. We use Rockingham county water. There are no animals. We have a 24 hour monitoring system in place for fire, fire extinguishers and escape routes. We keep a first aid kit stocked and available. 

Your child will ALWAYS be in an area where we can SEE and HEAR them.